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Jenni Garratt

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Winterton School


Chemistry, Geography, History

"It's been fantastic for me to be able to get involved in student leadership and enjoying all of the extra curricular things that go on here, as well as finding my subjects really interesting and meet

About Me

Jenni has now gone to the University of Nottingham to study Geography after achieving 3 A grades with JLC. 

Leggott Academy FAQs

How long is the Leggott Academy Day?

The Leggott Academy day is 8:50am – 4:00pm. The curriculum will be delivered five days per week over the course of two academic years.

Do students have to pay to attend?

No – the academy is free to attend in the same way that state schools are – there are no fees.

Why can 14 year olds now choose to leave their current school?

The Government now allows colleges to directly recruit students aged 14-16. The Government believes that for many young people, widening the options at key stage 4 as students embark on their level 2 courses can give them the best chance to succeed.

Who will be teaching?

Students will be taught by fully qualified subject specialist teachers, all of whom have been formally graded as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’. These teachers all have an excellent track record of supporting learners to achieve outstanding results in their subject areas.

Can students still receive free school meals?

Yes. Eligible students will still receive free school meals, just as they would at their current school.

How can I apply?

Simply complete one of our application forms which can be requested by phone 01724 407080 or can be collected at one of our open events. The application window opens on the 19th October and closes on the 16th November

What happens when I have applied?

You and your parents will be invited in for a discussion with a senior member of academy staff who will want to know why you would like to transfer to Leggott Academy. If offered a place you will then come to a transition day in July.