Our GCSE in History lets you study lots of different periods and types of History. Whether you enjoy finding out about rulers, murderers, explorers, criminals, revolutionaries or soldiers – the GCSE has it all!

You will study the following topics:

Topic A

The history of crime and punishment in Britain – looking at what laws were like in Anglo-Saxon and Viking times, why witchcraft was seen as a crime, how the police force came into existence and why the death penalty was abolished. As part of this topic you will do a detailed study of London at the time of the Jack the Ripper Murders.

Topic B1

England during Elizabeth I’s reign – we will look at how the Virgin Queen dealt with religious unrest, Mary Queen of Scots and the threat of the Spanish Armada as well as studying poverty and education at this time.

Topic B2

Spain and the New World – looking at Columbus’ voyages of discovery and the conquest of the Aztec and Inca Empires in the sixteenth century. We will look particularly at what impact Spanish conquistadores and settlers had on Native Americans.

Topic C

Russia and the Soviet Union – this twentieth century study focuses on the Russian Revolution and why Russia became a communist country after 1917. You will look at Stalin’s rise to power and how he changed Russian society, industry and agriculture before the Second World War.


There is no coursework in GCSE History – you will be assessed by three exams containing a mixture of source questions, short answers and longer responses.

Core PE

Practical lessons which will involve health related fitness activities in the fitness suite, badminton, indoor football, netball, trampolining and basketball. Each activity will last for a half term (approximately 6 weeks) and will be recreational.