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Thomas is part of our Student Leadership Team, and gets very involved in college life. 

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media

Course Title: Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media

Course Type: Access to HE

Course Length: One Year Full Time

What will I learn? 

The Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media is an intensive period of study that will challenge you to take risks, leave your comfort zone and dismiss your assumptions about art and design. 

You will gain an insight into the specialist disciplines that exist in art and design. The programme is usually aimed at students who have completed a Level 3 qualification, who wish to define a subject specialism area of study and explore a range of areas (e.g painting, drawing, life drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, graphic design, 3D design and textiles) before deciding upon a pathway specialism. 

This course will encourage you to think critically, you will become ideas focussed and develop creative approaches to problem solving through meaningful experimentation and lateral thinking. The course's attention to drawing as a key skill for artists and designers will aid this development. 

Our team of experienced and dynamic art and design professionals lead a range of diverse projects at the beginning of the course. As the course pgoresses the focus is on you as an independent and creative learner. Your award will be achieved at the end of the course, as you develop a final project. 

Working in a professional studio environment you will develop a range of practical skills as well as the ability to analyse and evluate the work of other creative professionals and your peers. The supportive environment in the studio has a 'family' ethos that will allow your work to become increasingly creative, innovative and experimental. 

Units of study:

The programme is broken down into three parts:

  • Term One: The Exploratory Stage; this offers students the opportunity to experience a wide range of studio activities spanning two and three dimensional subject disciplines
  • Term Two: The Pathway Stage; this offers the opportunity for students to discover their own strengths within a specific subject area. 
  • Term Three: The Confirmatory Stage; at this stage of the course, students negotiate individual programmes of work with a focus on specific subject areas. The terms ends with a final assessment exhibition. 

Where will it lead? 

The Foundation course is an intensive programme of study designed to help you make informed decisions facilitating progression on to a Higher Education course in the areas of art and design, or into related employment. Institutions that deliver BA courses favour students that have completed a Foundation course. 

Entry requirements: 

We interview all applicants, looking to see a portfolio of work and understanding of contemporary visual practices. Your portfolio should present us with an insight into your varied interests and skills. We take into consideration predicted grades in A-Level and BTEC diplomas, as well as GCSE awards. You must have at least one A-Level in a creative subject and a minimum of three GCSEs including Math and English or equivalent. This course is only open to individuals over the age of 18. 


You will be assessed three times during the year. Assessment is based entirely on coursework.


Tuition will be free for anyone under 19 at the start of the course. Contact us for more information 

You can also find more information on our dedicated Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media page