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Jenni Garratt

Previous School

Winterton School


Chemistry, Geography, History

"It's been fantastic for me to be able to get involved in student leadership and enjoying all of the extra curricular things that go on here, as well as finding my subjects really interesting and meet

About Me

Jenni has now gone to the University of Nottingham to study Geography after achieving 3 A grades with JLC. 

The Application Process

The first step in the application process is the application! Please see our Application Guide for advice on how to complete the application, and our Apply Now page to download our application form. 

What happens after I have applied?


Once you have applied we will send you an interview appointment. This interview is for us to discuss your course choices, and to help you make decisions if you are unsure of anything. We will also discuss anything we can do to support you during your time with us, and answer any questions that you have. 

Offer of a place

After your interview we will send you an offer of a place at JLC. You then need to respond to the offer, confirming whether or not you wish to accept it. 

Discovery Days

Discovery Days will take place before you join the college, so that you can try out your subject choices, see what being a JLC student is like, and make sure you are happy with everything. 

Enrolling at College

You will need to attend an enrolment appointment in August 2017.

It is essential that you attend your appointment on one of the scheduled enrolment days as courses get full very quickly and you will have a more limited choice if you do not attend.

The enrolment appointment is designed for us to discuss your GCSE results with you, and to make sure that we enrol you on courses that you are likely to be successful on. Everything is discussed with you individually, and we will only finalise your options when we are both happy with the decision.