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Zuzanna Wawrzynaik

Previous School

St Bede's Catholic Academy


English Combined, Archaeology, History, Religious Studies, Creative Writing

“JLC had the best range of subjects to do and a really high percentage of students going to Oxbridge."

About Me

Zuzanna has previously been nominated for Student of the Month, and is very involved in additional learning opportunities around college.

Working With Employers

John Leggott College works proactively with the region’s employers to help inspire students, promote organisations to tomorrow's workforce and find out how the college community can support the business world too.

We are committed to ensuring all employer partnerships are mutually beneficial. Working with young people can be extremely rewarding for staff already employed in your company and builds a reputation as a leader in the local community. Engagement with the college can be on a large or small scale as each company wishes and the College will promote employer partnerships in all relevant marketing and PR material.

John Leggott College students are enthusiastic and full of ideas so working with them could help your financial performance as well as your Corporate Social Responsibility. Supporting your local community in this way will be highly regarded by your stakeholders.

Signing up to a partnership with the College can help organisations become experts in understanding the youth market, reduce recruitment and training costs by getting your messages directly in front of future employees. Get known by top students and profile your business with them – making you their first choice employer when they are ready to enter the workplace.

We already have a successful business partnerships and we are developing innovative programmes including:

Work Placements

We have lots of students hoping to gain valuable hand-on experience by undertaking work placements in a variety of industries at set times each week over the year, 1 or 2 week blocks or  longer placements over the summer period.


Employer linked commissions, competitions or projects

Our students compile coursework on many courses and having this based on a real-life situation can be beneficial to them and the employers they work with. Student input could bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table and having the end product used by a local organisation is highly rewarding for young people.

We feel that a work experience placement can be extremely beneficial in preparing young adults for future employment, especially if it can be linked to a subject a student may be studying which they enjoy. Having the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the work place will not only provide students with necessary skills, but will hopefully give them the confidence to pursue further employment after their studies.

If you are a local business and would like to get involved then please complete the form on the following link

Guest Lectures

Inspire students to work in your industry or in your organisation by giving up an hour or more of your time to speak to groups of students or run workshops. ideas which could link directly to assignment projects include:
  • “Dragons Den” style pitches (panellist needed) 
  • Event Management and customer service 
  • Job application, interview and recruitment processes 
  • Setting up a small business (not industry specific, could be anything) 
  • Managing a small business (human resourcing, production, finance including procurement and budget management, marketing) 
  • Developing a large scale business strategy and global business techniques
  • Science applications (skills, knowledge and understanding) 
  • Journalism, publishing,  creative writing or  teaching English  within a variety of contexts.


Business Mentors

If you are interested in working with a young person that would like to gain a  greater insight in to a specific industry or role, then we have a bank of students that you could work with as a business mentor. JLC could pair you with a student – they will meet with you once a month and  possibly also make site visits,  discuss work placement opportunities or just reflect on ideas and advice by email.


Stepping Stones to Apprenticeships

Help our students to gain the employability knowledge and skills needed before they apply for an apprenticeship. The student will come to you with lots of enthusiasm and you can assist them to develop their skills so they can be an outstanding employee in the future.


Supported Internships

Join us in our committment to creating diversity within the workplace by offering a Supported Internships. Individuals with special education needs are supported by a college tutor to complete a long-term work placement and a programme of study in order to improve their success at achieving a sustainable offer of employment.

To find out how we could work with your organisation telephone Director of Student Opportunities and Destinations Emily Hughes on (01724) 407023 or email

We have signed the Hull Employability Charter